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Calendar and dating.

As the Abrahamic faiths never existed most of civilized Europe numbers their calendar from the founding of Rome. Thus the year 996 (AD) is 1749 (AUC), though it is most often referred to as the 18th year of the rule of Aethelred or 498 (BD, from the founding of Britain by Arthur).

About Mythic Earth

  1. The game world is Mythic Earth. Mythic Earth is the real world, save magic, elves, dwarves, etc. are real.
  2. There are many changes to the world on account of these differences.
  3. Some real-world cultures have been replaced by non-human equivalents.
  4. Monotheism never developed, but the real world religions of the Middle Ages have polytheistic counterparts.
  5. More details are available on the Mythic Earth page.

E6 Rules

  • Characters advance to level 6 as usual. Beyond level 6, one feat is gained per 5000 experience points.
  • We will be using the generic character classes presented in Unearthed Arcana.
  • Multi-Class characters cannot choose the same good saving throw twice.

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